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Carry1st, The South African-based startup founded in 2018, to publish mobile games and interactive content for Africans, has announced that it has secured funding to the tune of $6 million dollars in a Series A round led by Konvoy Ventures.  

Image credit: Carry1st 

In the three years since its launch, Carry1st has also become a medium for bringing mobile gaming from global companies to Africa. The Cape Town-based company realized that developers have had problems with distribution and payments in Africa

They decided to solve that by embedding a fintech solution, Pay1st, on their platform. Pay1st features popular payment methods from six African countries, giving African gamers on Carry1st the ability to pay how they want.

The result is not just a company with a publishing platform for games, but also a full-stack management solution for game developers seeking user acquisition, marketing, and monetization in Africa.

Speaking on the tremendous growth the company has witnessed, one of its three founders, Robbin-Coker, says: “In 2020, we were able to successfully sign 7 great titles, recruit a top-notch international team, and build out our payments and digital commerce platform. We learned that African users don’t need their own games; they want to play the best games in the world.” 

Continuing further, Robbin-Coker says “Typically, the first things people do when they get their first smartphone is to chat with friends and play games. This is the same all over the world — Africa is no different. For that reason, we are seeing more and more mobile gamers across Africa.” 

Carry1st’s new funding round is expected to boost the company’s share further and grow its brand. 



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