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sabiteach learning gift card
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SabiTeach Launches Brand New Product: The SabiTeach Learning Voucher Card.

This new product gives ‘small but mighty’ a new meaning. SabiTeach introduces a special learning gift card called the SabiTeach Learning card, in celebration of

seclot's founder
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How Seclot’s Police Officer founder built one of Nigeria’s top security startups.

Trust, for a sizable number of the human populace, is a hard currency to come by. One might even argue that it is the need

nigeria women inspiring global tech
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Meet the Nigerian women Inspiring Global Tech Advancement

There is a certain position for women in Nigeria across all industries – and it’s not the backseat. Women in Nigeria are leaving their mark

fintech apps
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Top 6 Fintech Apps ruling the African Market Right Now

“Investors who ignore Nigeria now have to ask themselves: What do I know that Patrick Collison [Founder and CEO of Stripe] doesn’t? ” Perhaps the

Paystack’s Astonishing rise
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What we have learnt from Paystack’s Astonishing rise

When PayStack’s founder – Shola Akinlade – put out an essay documenting how his company became the first Nigerian startup to ever be admitted to

sabiteach team
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How SabiTeach Helps Teachers Scale Up their Teaching Business

At SabiTeach, we are helping teachers start and grow their teaching business! Access thousands of private tutoring jobs in Maths, English, Science, French, Spanish… and