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Artist3, the first blockchain-enabled end-to-end digital platform for musicians, creatives, artists and art collectors to make and sell non-fungible token(NFT) art has launched in Nigeria. It was founded by Ukeme Okuku and Ferdy ‘Ladi Adimefe.

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets, a subset of the crypto space that allows buyers to purchase ownership of digital goods in the form of an image, animation or video. Each NFT is a valued original product with a unique digital token. 

This is a collaborative project between a team of dynamic entrepreneurs in the art and crypto space, Magic Carpet Studios (described as “Disney of Africa”) and Wifisoft technologies. 

Artist3 connects art creators and art lovers, it is a digital gallery that allows the curating, selling and auctioning of African themed digital artworks. Ukeme Okuku, Co-founder said Artist3 aims to change the way artists earn money and help them make money off royalties when their arts are being resold. 

It gives them the opportunity to crowdsource funds for creative art projects. It also aims at solving issues of IP theft, licensing IPs and trademarks over the next couple of months. 

Fedry Ladi Adimefe noted, “We see this as a unique opportunity to drive the growth of art in the emerging markets that is why we created artist3 to empower the creative community leveraging on the unique essence of the blockchain space”. 



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