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Google has launched a series of Digital skill programs to help small businesses in Africa.

The company has also completed the Post COVID program to help businesses but it’s not just about COVID, they want to see businesses succeed and the only way to achieve it is by introducing a 3 Days Digital skill program.

The 3 Days program will also help Digital marketers in addition not only business owners.

The goal of this portal is to assist businesses in going online. Aderemi-Makinde says, “In a competitive corporate environment, digital technology helps to fuel economic growth…while providing vital services to people in Africa.

These programs demonstrate Google’s continuous commitment to ensuring small retail enterprises on the continent have the tools and skills to recover from the pandemic’s effects. The program also aims at re-energizing the region’s economy.


  • How to create a digital marketing strategy – 9th June 2021
  • Using data and insights to help your business grow – 16th June 2021
  • Connecting customers with your business online – 23rd June 2021

Duration and How to Apply

The Digital skill program is meant to take place from June 9th – 23rd 2021 and will hold virtually around Africa.

Registration Link:



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