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Trust, for a sizable number of the human populace, is a hard currency to come by. One might even argue that it is the need for the protection and safeguarding of valuable information and assets that have brought about one of the greatest technological advancements mankind has ever seen. To put it in common parlance, it has given rise to the Blockchain technology

Image credit: Atekoja Olawale

For big businesses, trust is even more essential. It is how to make sure their company runs on a solid foundation. It is also a known fact that there has been a huge gap in the implementation of trust verification solutions that represents a big opportunity for innovative companies to spring up around. It is this opportunity that SECLOT Technology Limited’s founder, Atekoja Olawale, who prior to starting the company was a superintendent of the Nigerian police force, saw and grabbed a hold of.

Speaking to an online publication recently about his rationale for starting the company, Olawale noted that “[He] noticed that [background verification, surveillance systems, and tracking systems] are places that many organizations have challenges. “

Talking further with the news outlet, Olawale stated that  “[He wanted] to fill in the void by providing world-class service [through] a security-oriented company that deals with online security and physical security.”

Seclot’s accession to the throne as one of the top security verification outfits in Nigeria started when its founder, Atekoja Olawale joined the Silicon Valley-based Founder Institute Accelerator program. According to him, he benefitted 3 basic things from joining the Founder Institute that helped him turn his security startup to the big one it is today: Knowledge,  Exposure, and Network. 

Olawale, recalling his experience in the program says, “The Future of Nigeria’s success is entrepreneurship, FI (Founder Institute) is one of those vehicles in achieving it”.

Image credit: Seclot

How Seclot works 

Describing Seclot, its founder and CEO, Atekoja Olawale says “the platform is a self-service portal where you can create your profile and upload details of people you want to vet. The vetting will be done, and the result uploaded back to the portal.“

Currently, Seclot operates in 10 major cities in Nigeria and claims to have carried out over 1,500 verifications to date. The startup also claimed to have deployed its vetting solution to corporate organizations such as Parkit.Ng, Reposebay, ET Logistics Limited (Everything Tacha from the Big Brother Housemate), Hail Logistics, and many others.

According to Olawale, Seclot works through these steps:

  • User uploads personal details and also details of the vendor to vet on our platform
  • The user pays N1,000 to carry out the verification
  • A visit to the vendor’s address without prior notification
  • SECLOT takes a photo, video, and geolocation of vendor address
  • Also photo and video of vendor sample products and workforce
  • Issuing of Seclot ID(Vetting valid for only 3 months) to vendor

In order, to continue its momentum of growth, the startup will be rolling out its vetting service in all 36 states of the country this year while also launching its new line of business of vetting services for houses. 

According to Olawale, Seclot hasn’t received any external funding since it was founded and is looking forward to securing its first venture capital investment to further enhance its verification process for security in the country.



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