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One of the newer set of Nigerian fintech startups, Ladda, is set to launch its investment platform on the Apple Play Store for IOS users in a bid to make the platform available to a wider group of people than currently uses android powered smartphones.

In a hint at the upcoming event from the company, its website was recently updated to reflect the impending development, with a ‘coming soon’ sticker placed firmly on an Apple Play Store linked icon meant to be used to download the app to users’ Iphone. 

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The company which was founded by Oluwatosin Olaseinde states the following on its website about itself: 

“We are passionate about personal finance investment and in order to grow, we created access to a myriad of investment products all on one platform.

We want you to be able to take a step by step approach and play the long term game as you invest.

We also believe that retail investors should have options to invest in both local or foreign investments from as little as ₦500. We built Ladda for you so you can invest and take the journey towards financial independence together one step at a time through savings, mutual funds, global stocks and local stocks.”

Ladda is a one stop shop for all things investment for a variety of investors with investment options ranging from Stocks, Mutual Funds, Savings, and Gift Cards. 

…Whether you have small money or big money. Whether you want to save and invest in Naira or in Dollars. Whether you want to save for a short time or for a long time. Whether you want halaal options or not. We have you covered. the company said. 

The investment platform uses advanced encryption standards to safeguard your data in transit and at rest so that your details are safe and kept private at all times. 

Ladda’s executive director, Oluwatosin Olaseinde, who is one nigeria’s top personal finance expert with over a decade of experience working in multinationals across different countries, is also the founder of Money Africa. An edTech platform where she teaches about money and investing.  

The IOS version of the investment platform which is likely to be developed in partnership with the Alta Labs team that delivered the Android version would be available on the App Store sometimes around the next few months. 

To know how Ladda’s investment platform works and how it is different from its competition, download it on Google Play Store here



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