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This new product gives ‘small but mighty’ a new meaning. SabiTeach introduces a special learning gift card called the SabiTeach Learning card, in celebration of the upcoming children’s day celebration. The card will serve as a convenient alternative to cash for purchases of learning hours on our platform.

Learn how it works:

By introducing the product, the CEO, Wale Ogunjobi, stated “We wanted to find a way to reach our Customers who are constantly seeking ways to pay less with more benefits and incentives. We also needed a way to appreciate our loyal customers for their continuous patronage and loyalty”.

He added, “What better gift can we give in today’s Africa than the gift of better and quality education? Imagine that one card which unlocks access to numerous opportunities. This is what our learning gift card offers; access to a true and timeless gift.”

Why is the Sabi Teach Learning gift Card the best gift for your children?

SabiTeach learning gift card is a prepaid stored-value money card, issued by SabiTeach, to be used as an alternative to cash for purchases of learning hours on the SabiTeach learning platform.

Why is gifting in education important?

A gifting culture aids learning in schools, in homes and everywhere. It guarantees improved level of education especially in communities with limited alternatives.

A learning gift card can be a way of giving back to society; a loved one, a co-worker, and so on. While, it is not considered a luxury gift like perfumes, clothes, cars, houses and the like, it is definitely worth more! It is the gateway to acquire the better things of life.

Beyond this, organizations and companies can use it as a way to reach out to their employees or the not so privileged in the society, or as a means to fulfil their corporate social responsibility (CSR).

The learning gift cards offer a means to manage one’s educational finances on a budget by choosing suitable lesson packages.

More about the learning gift card.

The learning gift card comes with a wide range of learning opportunities. It is an appropriate gift as you can purchase it for your children, nieces, nephews, friends and everyone else. The SabiTeach learning gift card will help boost your lesson wallet, making our platform easy and convenient to use. With our learning gift card, you can give the gift of learning through the use of technology.

Make an impact in a child’s life journey today by ordering and gitting them the Sabiteach learning gift card!

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