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Stripe-owned Nigerian fintech startup, Paystack, launches in South Africa

Paystack, the Nigerian fintech company that was acquired last year by US fintech giant Stripe, has announced that it is establishing a presence in South

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CBN Suspends Paystack, other FinTech companies from BVN validation

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has suspended Paystack and other Non-Banks financial technology firm from offering the BVN validation services. Paystack sent an email

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Top 6 Fintech Apps ruling the African Market Right Now

“Investors who ignore Nigeria now have to ask themselves: What do I know that Patrick Collison [Founder and CEO of Stripe] doesn’t? ” Perhaps the

Paystack’s Astonishing rise
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What we have learnt from Paystack’s Astonishing rise

When PayStack’s founder – Shola Akinlade – put out an essay documenting how his company became the first Nigerian startup to ever be admitted to