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Edtech Startups are evolving technologies presenting new ways of doing things. And thanks to the recent pandemic, more parents are getting familiar with home learning, with many finding it challenging; for some, even more than their children. 

However, with help from the growing edtech sector, the education industry has witnessed a rapid rise in the development of apps, platforms and tools designed to keep young students engaged with learning; teachers and parents are also more relaxed and confident with the idea of online learning. 

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Top Nigerian Edtech Startups Inspiring Quality Education and Improving Learning

Here are some edtech startups currently improving the quality of education in Nigeria:

1. ULesson


Specifically targeting secondary school students across West Africa , ULesson has created an App for mastering different subjects with ease . If your child is preparing for examinations such as the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination, Secondary School Certificate Examination, General Certificate Examination, and National Examination Council, this app may be his/her go to resource to prepare adequately.  Learn more at

2. Sabiteach


Sabiteach is an EdTech startups that provides learners with qualified teachers or tutors for both online and in-person learning engagements. The platform allows parents or learners themselves search and locate teachers/tutors in their preferred location, as well as see reviews or ratings of tutors directly on the platform. This helps them make informed decisions on the choice of tutors. 

Learn more at

3. Gradely


Gradely is an online web-app that uses Adaptive Learning Technology to personalize learning for kindergarten to SS3 students. It uses artificial intelligence to analyse your child’s academic strengths & weaknesses and recommends curriculum-based practice questions, revision videos and live tutoring tailored to help your child achieve mastery. Visit to find out more.

4. Tuteria


With Tuteria , parents can easily connect with qualified tutors within their neighbourhood to help their kids master the subjects, skills and exams that matter to them. Tuteria provides customers with a wholesome experience by providing quality tutors. It ensures that safety of the student is never compromised and offers secure payments. Learn more at

5. ScholarX


The goal of ScholarX is to fund education in Africa. With a firm belief that education should not be hindered by lack of funds, their mission is to solve issues regarding access to funds. ScholarX has impacted many lives by bringing opportunities closer to them. 

At scholarX, you register and state the reason you need the fund and how soon you need it.

The ScholarX app has both free and premium versions, and allows users to select parameters and scroll through lists of available scholarships that match their requirements. Scholarships are available for undergraduate, masters and PhD students.

There’s also a crowdfunding feature, Village, an education crowdfunding platform that allows African secondary school and university students to create fundraising campaigns for backing by sponsors. Learn more at

6. is a web, desktop and mobile-based CBT examination preparatory and testing platform, with a vision to help candidates excel in all major Nigerian Examinations and tests.

Pass.NG helps students towards their examinations by assessing them through a series of mock tests while also proffering solutions to the questions. Students also get to track their progress as they prepare for the examination on the platform.

The platform has a goal to reduce to the barest minimum the failure rate of students in major exams starting with Nigeria and eventually the world at large. Learn more at

While edtech solutions don’t currently seem capable of outrightly displacing traditional modes of learning anytime soon, most likely because of some gaps in effective evaluation and tech enablement of the available market (i.e unavailability of technology knowledge and devices), these completely different models promise to enhance outcomes in an exceedingly productive way.




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