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Twitter has finally announced its launch of twitter space to desktop and mobile web browser users, The company wants its clubhouse-like audio room to be accessible on all ends.

When Twitter newly launched its space room it was only supported by Android and IOS users only, You can get a look at what a Space looks like on the web in screenshots below, from Twitter.

Twitter has been quickly opening up Spaces and adding features over the past several months to compete with the dedicated social audio app Clubhouse and similar features from companies like Discord and Facebook.

Spaces on the web have a big caveat, though: you can join Spaces, but you can’t host them yourself just yet.

When you join a Space as a speaker, in addition to talking, you can pin Tweets to the Space, turn on captions so everyone can follow along with what you’re saying, and Tweet the Space so your followers can join.

When you create a Space, you’re in control of who’s speaking, the topics, and the vibe. Invite people to join by Tweeting them to jump in and then invite them to speak directly from your Space. From there, you can talk about whatever is happening in your world.



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