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Uber, a ride-hailing company, has decided to partner with Moove, sub-Saharan Africa’s first flexible car ownership company. The company was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp in 2009, with its headquarter in San Francisco and has an estimated 110 million users worldwide.

Uber rolled out Uber Go across South Africa, which is a more affordable option for price-sensitive consumers. Uber Go makes use of smaller, fuel-efficient hatchback vehicles, to boost rider demand and unlock further earning opportunities for drivers. 

“We recognize the importance of continuing to provide solutions that cater to consumers who are more price-sensitive than ever before…Uber hopes to provide drivers with high-quality, compact, and cost-effective vehicle options that will enable them to increase their weekly earnings while maintaining the Uber experience and door-to-door safety.

“We are pleased to expand our cooperation with Moove to make this a reality,” says Uber Sub-Saharan Africa General Manager, Frans Hiemstra.

The ownership options are tailored to drivers with a range of budgets, allowing Uber Go drivers who previously couldn’t afford their own vehicle to become self-employed.

“We have been working relentlessly with Uber to guarantee that the financial costing for drivers makes economic sense. The drivers are well informed of their financial commitments,” said Sinako Cetyiwe, Moove’s Country Manager. We’re looking forward to assisting South African drivers in growing their businesses and improving their livelihoods in a shorter period of time, especially as mobility returns.“

Uber Go has the same in-app emergency button, Injury Protection, 24/7 support, and driver background checks and screenings as any other Uber service.

Drivers can apply for a Moove vehicle by visiting the website.



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